Easing back into exercise after baby

It has been seven years since I moved back to my hometown (outside of Albany, NY). I moved back so that my husband and I could raise our daughter (then 16 months) near our families. In that time, our family has grown to include two more children, one 4 and our toddler, now 20 months. During this time, my small business has taken a few turns, I had 3 pregnancies, two more babies and a deepened passion for women’s health. Especially postpartum health. Also during this time back in Upstate NY, I have received care at three OB practice from experienced doctors and midwives. Through these experiences, (some fabulous, some disappointing and frustrating) I have gained great appreciation for modern medicine and for the beauty and complexity of the female body and birth.

A startling observation from these experiences and conversations with many women is the lack of guidance provided about when and how to begin exercising postpartum. How do you ease back into exercise after baby? What can we do after 6 weeks? Are you ready for the answer? It depends on so many things, such as:

Are you breastfeeding?

Are you sleeping AT ALL?

Are you well-nourished?

Do you have back pain? Are you aware of abdominal separation? (aka Diastasis Recti)

Are you experiencing prolapse?

What is prolapse and how do you treat it?

Have you seen a pelvic floor physical therapist? Did you know they exist?

How do you find a good one?

It’s not a simple path for many mothers and it’s not the same path for every woman. It truly depends on a combination of things (some of the questions above), including your pregnancy, your birth, symptoms you are experiencing, genetics and more.

I learned a great deal through my own experiences, my training, my mistakes and my triumphs. I can help you navigate a path that makes sense for you.

This is not only for women who are newly postpartum. The more women I speak with, the more I learn that some women have waited nearly 10 years (some even 20 years) to tackle issues they have put aside since giving birth. This is both saddening and frustrating. Many mothers push their own health to the back burner to work, to serve as caretakers of kids, households, and other people. Many women brush off symptoms as if they are synonymous with motherhood. They are not. Some women are given no guidance or sub par advice (or worse) on what to do. Not to mention the societal pressures that are put on women from all angles surrounding how women should “bounce back quickly” from pregnancy.

From all that I learned, I tackled each postpartum phase drastically different than the one before it, with my most recent being my slowest, most thoughtful and most progressive. It has included a great deal of walking, a core/pelvic floor restoration program and treatment by a local, highly skilled women’s health physical therapist for pelvic organ prolapse. It was also during this time when I began studying with the PostNatal Fitness Academy and other experts around the globe. For the last year, I have been immersed in the vast material that is postpartum fitness; pelvic organ prolapse and symptoms around it including incontinence, weight training, running and nutrition, just to name a few. I became a certified Post Natal Fitness Specialist in February. I am excited to share what I have learned and I am committed to continuing my education. I’m determined to make a significant impact on the lives of women having babies who love to move like I do.

We all deserve the best and most current information. I will be offering PostNatal Wellness Workshops (including one starting 10/26 with my colleague Janine Murphy), Small Group Specialized Training and Private Consultations (in person or via phone). Contact me to get started!