Perfectly imperfect

Today I did a home yoga practice. It was 47 minutes long. I know that because I was in the kitchen/dining room so the oven clock was closeby. It has always been challenging for me to practice at home due to all the distractions of cleaning, clutter, tasks, unfinished business. Yet today I was able to let it be. The bouncy ball just 3 feet in front of my mat, not to mention the strawberry shortcake hockey stick 2 feet from the right edge of my mat. Toys scattered, mail on the counter, clean dishes stacked beside the sink. The hum of the dishwasher was steady, while the background noise of the A/C was present, as we’re in the midst of a serious upstate, NY heat wave.

The purpose of sharing is that the setting will rarely be perfect; the surroundings will likely be less than ideal. But we show up for ourselves by rolling out the mat and sitting down to breathe. We show up for ourselves by scheduling time to move, stretch and strengthen our bodies. We show up for ourselves by saying no to things that get in the way, by ignoring our phones, our email, our lists. We show up for our tribe by showing up for ourselves.

You are worth it. The time you spend on your meditation, your physical practice, your compassion for others off the mat…all of these things make a difference with your karma. Show up for you this week by rolling out the mat. It doesn’t have to be perfect.