There is kindness all around us.

There is beauty in all corners of our world. There is hope in times of sadness and distress.

A nine-year old boy heard of an effort to give bikes to a family of five for Christmas. He decided to donate the bike he had outgrown to one of the children.

Two neighbors also heard of the efforts to provide bikes for a family of five. They donated cash to put toward one of the bikes.

A new yoga student came to class last week. She was traveling from out of state to attend a training for suicide prevention and heard about Jai Yoga School from a friend. She is a volunteer that answers phone calls on a prevention hotline. She came to practice after a long day of travel and training.

A woman was stressed with a work situation and running behind. She was able to attend a Yoga class and release some of her body’s tension and unwind in a safe and inspiring setting.

A man felt that the teacher inspired confidence in him and other students. He shared that message and lifted the teacher’s spirits exponentially. It is true that as teachers, we serve others, but that we often gain much more than we give.

A group of college roommates have taken turns sending care packages to a friend struggling with illness. For the last few months, each person has done something unique and special to let their friend know they love her.

A couple welcomes a rainbow baby after a loss. The baby is well and the parents are overjoyed with her arrival.

A group of people make meals after a family welcomes new babies. Feeding and caring for a family when a baby (or two) arrive can be daunting. Healthy, home-cooked meals can help a woman heal and recover after childbirth.

A group of children and their grandmother made “Blessing bags” last winter. They passed them out to all the children’s parents and asked them to hand out to those in need. One blessing bag was left and stored safely through the warmer months. It found its recipient downtown last weekend on a sub 20-degree day. Two children were present in the car to witness their kindness being spread.

There is kindness all around us. Sometimes we need to look harder for it than others. These are some of the things I have been witness to in the last week and felt drawn to share. Keep spreading kindness, the world needs it.