Your provider may not have mentioned it, but mobilizing your scar is incredibly important. It can even make a difference many years after your c-section. Here are two articles on why! (second link includes a video) 



What is Pelvic Physical Therapy and Why Doesn’t EVERYONE Know About It?  Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy expert, Tracy Sher writes about what this specialty is all about and why it’s extremely important to our health.

Where to go if you’re located near Albany, NY? Try one of these:

Albany Medical Center Outpatient Physical Therapy  99 Delaware Avenue, Delmar 518-262-9700

St. Peter’s Health Partners Pelvic Health Center A great local Pelvic Health Center with 5 Pelvic Health PTs on staff, accepts insurance and provides superb care.

On Diastasis Recti & Core Function:

Dear diastasis community, don’t make me come in there By Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy expert, Julie Wiebe

Jessie Mundell, Pre & Postnatal Exercise Trainer who coaches women all over the globe and runs the PostNatal Fitness Academy 3 Things You MUST Know For Better Core + Pelvic Floor Function Now 

FIVE No-Crunch Core Exercises 

On Prolapse: 

Article from Girls Gone Strong about prolapse: Can I Exercise With Pelvic Organ Prolapse?